March Favourites: Activewear and Class Pass


I’m so lucky that I get to wear activewear every day for my job but I am quite into my fashion and still like to look stylish and put together. Good activewear really makes me have a better day so I thought I’d do a little video sharing what I wore Monday to Friday last week including all my favourite items I’ve been wearing in March.

Last week was fun and exciting as usual, I literally pinch myself every day that I get to do what I love. As well as teaching my regular Pilates classes, I held an event for a PR company, Trace Publicity, to launch two of there new activewear brands Juicy Couture Active and Glenmuir Base Layers. I taught two reformer Pilates classes for some fabulous bloggers and press. I loved my Juicy Couture outfit.

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My First Experience Lifting Weights

In the last two weeks I have been lucky enough to have two fabulous PT sessions. One at UrbanCave in Soho which is where I am also teaching 121 Pilates on Thursdays and will tell you more about in another post and another session with my lovely friend and awesome trainer¬†Tally Rye. As you know, I love my Pilates and Yoga and I’ve never really done much lifting of the weights or HIIT and I must admit I was a little scared but I’m all about telling people to try things out of there comfort zone so I thought I’d better see what all this weight lifting was about! ūüėČ


This was really heavy! Wearing Glenmuir Base Layers from SockShopUk

My session at Urban Cave was with the beautiful and super fit Sandra who is training for WBFFUK. We started with medicine ball arm circles, rotations, squats and lunges and I was already a little shocked by the weight of the medicine ball. We went on to do a boxing tabata set with a combination of jabs, uppercuts and hooks. This was so much fun and Sandra showed me the technique as I’ve never boxed before. I couldn’t believe how exhausted I was from punching plus my arms were already aching! I can definitely see it being a great stress reliever…¬† Continue reading

Maca Blondies


Blogging is one of the best things I ever started doing due to so many reasons, one of which is meeting amazing new friends. If you follow me on instagram/twitter than you’ll know that myself and Natalie Glaze otherwise known as The Nutritionista¬†have intwined our blogging lives so that we spend a lot of time together. After meeting at the end of last year, we were both still quite new to the “professional” blogging world and shared the same ambition and drive to create lives that we love living every single day and to inspire others to do the same along the way.¬†I now get to spend days like last Friday, creating recipes and working with this beauty.


Both myself and Natalie are not fans of counting calories/macros and much prefer to listen to our bodies for guidance when it comes to nutrition, meal sizes, specific diets. After a long busy week, we both needed something indulgent, energising and the perfect treat to go with a cup of tea and a chat about life- our Maca Blondies were born!

Why not make these with your bestie or maybe for your mum this Mother’s Day, have a cuppa, put your feet up and put the world right! Continue reading

My First Event: The Body at SIX3NINE


¬†“This class was totally new to me ‚Äď such small movements, but with such a big impact on the body. Lottie is a brilliant, knowledgeable teacher with a confidence that really carries the class.” Cat Meffan

“The class was both challenging and fun. Lottie gently¬†guided us through and gave modifications to suit all abilities. I absolutely loved it!” Zanna Van Dikj¬†


 The Body

Pilates is one of my favourite things in the world. I am so passionate about it’s benefits and think it’s wonderful that literally anyone and everyone can do it. It’s one of the only forms of exercises that is truly healthy for your body and mind and you can do it forever. Some people think Pilates is just about core, some people think it’s just about flexibility and some think it’s just about relaxing. The truth is, you can’t really define Pilates or put it in a box at all. My aim is that my masterclass, The Body, simply shows people that Pilates can be fun, challenging and make you feel amazing!

In the health and fitness industry, the focus for exercising is always on looking good, getting abs or a toned bum and yes Pilates will get you these things that make you look great on the beach but unlike cycling, running, squatting- Pilates will improve your posture, spine mobility, pelvic stability, joint mobility so that when your 80 years old you may still be playing in the garden with your grandchildren. Isn’t that a wonderful thing… Continue reading

How To Beat “Fat Day”

“Fat Day”


Okay so I never use the word “fat” or “fat day”, I think that’s why I’m putting it in quotation marks which is probably a completely incorrect use of punctuation anywaaaay back to the blog post. I hear so many beautiful women say “fat day” so I thought I’d write one of my honest little posts and then give some advice on how to beat “fat day”.

Firstly- we all have them! Girls, guys, me, I’m sure dogs even have them! I hear all the time “Oh I’m having such a fat day!” And when I might mention something similar- I’ll get eyes rolling and the “are you serious” look. Okay yes I’m a healthy weight and pretty body confident but that doesn’t mean I don’t have days where I just feel yucky and uncomfortable. Maybe I’ve eaten too much or it’s that time of the month or sometimes there’s no reason whatsoever.

From the age of 13 to 19, my relationship with my body was not a healthy one! As a 16 year old ballet dancer, I used to pull my flat stomach in constantly, even the smallest bulge would send me into a dark place. Since, becoming happier and healthier, my relationship with my body has changed and I’ve learnt to love womanly curves. No woman’s stomach is flat 24/7- it shouldn’t be! Lee Mullins, founder of The Workshop Gym, recently taught me buddha breathing which is breathing into your belly so that it expands as you inhale. You actually push it out and it feels amazing! It felt strange at first but then it felt completely a natural thing to do. Give it a try and notice how relaxed and less stressed you feel.

Regardless of weight- everyone has one of those days when everything in your body just feels “ugh”.

1. Firstly, it’s just an illusion. The day before you were probably prancing around naked and taking selfies in your new activewear, it’s unlikely you’ve put on 20lbs in a day. Continue reading

My Top 5 Healthy Cookbooks and THE BEST Homemade Hummus

They say you can tell a lot about person from their bookshelf and the fact that mine is pretty much full of recipe books would suggest that they are correct! When I first started eating healthier, I was obsessed with recipe books; they really opened my eyes to the fact that there really is no restrictions when it comes to healthy eating. I loved recreating recipes and it helped get my confidence up in the kitchen. I now consider myself a pretty good cook even though my boyfriend still doesn’t like my healthy flapjacks. As we move into Spring and the layers start coming off, we really should be thinking about making fresh food from scratch not just for weight management but to get that glow from the inside out!

Of course the internet is full of amazing healthy food blogs and zillions of recipes including my FOOD section hehe but nothing beats a good cookbook! Here’s 5 that I am loving at the moment plus my favourite hummus recipe from the Nourish book…

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My Skincare Routine | VIDEO

I get asked a lot about my skin and what I use on it so thought I’d share with you the products I use and my general outlook on skincare. I am lucky to have quite a glowing complexion naturally but my skin isn’t perfect, I do still get some spots around my chin and jaw which is hormonal and I get little dry batches if I don’t keep on top of drinking enough water and moisturising.


I see my skincare routine in the same way I see my diet and fitness regime, it needs to be varied and balanced. What you’re putting on your skin every single day probably twice a day for your whole life is pretty important. In this weeks, video I talk through my skincare regime and the full names and links to the products I use is in this post… Continue reading